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Paving the path and shredding lights along your way. We lend you the helping hands to finally realize your dream of studying abroad.

You won’t be the same after escaping your comfort zone and exploring other parts of the world.

Who We Are

Studwise is the best education consultancy in Malappuram founded in 2019 and headquartered in Manjeri, with its centers in Valanchery and Calicut.

With over 4+ years of experience, Studwise has successfully placed 1000+ students in different countries. Aligning with countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Malta, Singapore, Dubai, and Malaysia. Studwise represents 150+ universities across the globe. We provide courses like TOEFL, IELTS, and EPT support with career counseling and proper guidance in course selection. It all involves working together closely with students.

For them to comply with the cultural and analytical updates brought about by overseas education.

Studwise’s comprehensive support services and experienced team of experts help students to find the best courses, scholarship assistance, best colleges, and universities that perfectly meet their career expectations, and academic and financial background needs on a global scale.

This helps them reach their study abroad dream destination.


Studwise International is the best study abroad consultant in Kerala, Malappuram which laid the foundation for elevating overseas education through personal, professional, and academic progress. Our vision is to provide a complete solution for all your overseas education. We aim to help our students in choosing appropriate careers based on their academic qualifications.


Our mission is to help students achieve their dream abroad by understanding their dreams during counseling sessions. We develop clear career options for students, ensuring they get approved into their desired university. Our career guidance is unbiased and authentic, ensuring a seamless study abroad experience from registration to departure.


Since the very beginning, Studwise closely collaborated with several groups and renowned global organizations in various countries. Our professional team can proceed to secure admissions to excellent universities. Our Core Values represent our Consultancy.

                                                          Excellence | Honesty | Dedication | Transparency | Services | Experience

A Comprehensive Solution for Your Dreams

Studwise closely collaborates with several groups and renowned global organizations in various countries. Our professional team can proceed secure admissions to excellent universities.

We provide each student with a complete focus, and our deliberate strategy guarantees that students have the chance to attain their goals. All of this has been made possible by Mr. P S Mahmood, the company’s Founder and CEO, and his visionary leadership.

Why Choose Us

With 4+ years of experience in our bag, Studwise represents 150+ universities across the globe. With top-notch and experienced counselors, Studwise makes sure the journey is a hassle-free ride.  Career counseling, appropriate course selection, and TOEFL, IELTS, and EPT support are the foundational events of this ride.

24/7 Customer Support
1000+ Projects Completed
150+ Partnering Universities

So, are you planning to go for abroad studies !

If you’ve already decided on your study destination, ignore your hesitations and reach out to us.